Saturday 3 February 2007

SBS 2K3 R2 Premium - SQL 2005 Error 107 - Report Server Windows

This message was appearing in the application log every minute. This is a fresh SBS 2K3 R2 Premium installation:

It only took one search with the full text of the error to come up with the solution to the problem.

I needed to rework the encryption setup in the SQL Reporting Services Configuration:

Connect to the default instance:

Then, backup, delete, and backup again.

Once I did that process, the error was gone.

We have a few SBS 2K3 R2 Premium installs out there with the number growing.

It is a whole new challenge to get to know SQL 2005! :D

The first source: IPDG3.COM

Which lead to an article on MSDN.

Happy SBSing,

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists.

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