Saturday 24 February 2007

WSUS Workstation Error 0x8007000e or MS Update 0x800a0007

This one has been quite popular as of late.

I have added a second part to the post as the errors showed up again after the first fix.

The second fix worked again.

Note to Microsoft: Verify Windows Genuine Advantage and its tools, Microsoft Update, and WSUS work together properly!

You can find the original post here with the update about half way down.

I do hope that this problem does not show up again as I am running out of options! :D


The second fix just showed up in our MS Updates on a system that has just been freshly installed!

Definitely looking like a Genuine Advantage - Microsoft Update/WSUS issue.

UPDATE 07-05-07: WSUS 3.x install on SBS 2K3 R2 is another way to hopefully eliminate this problem. New blog post here: SBS 2K3 R2 - WSUS 3.0 install experience with some caveats.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists


Anonymous said...

Wow...thank you for figuring this out and posting it - I have been fighting this for over a week now at a client site where about half of the computers stopped updating and throwing this error number. I see the release date for Genuine Advantage Notification update is March 7, 2007 - the computers I'm fighting with all have not updated since before then, so it is definitely a conflict issue with that update. Frustrating!

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

We are not out of the woods quite yet.
Trying to run the Genuine Advantage updates in anything other than the Domain Admin account gives permission errors.

Me thinks this is where the hangup is for the WGA updates.

Thanks for the comments.

Philip E.

Unknown said...

These posts are old, but show up high on Google's list of pages dealing with 0x8007000E Windows Update errors. I just thought I would correctly inform everyone that 0x8007000E is simply an Out of Memory error. While the machine may have available RAM, the shared address space that WSUS uses is what is actually out of memory. A simple reboot of the system usually fixes this, which is what fixed it during the initial troubleshooting in the link. Note, you may see additional errors after a reboot relating to other issues such as a cached cookie, PID, etc. A handy list of Windows Update error codes and their meanings can be found here:

Windows Update Codes

Landon L.