Monday 12 March 2007

DST - Relatively Smooth Sailing Here

Perhaps it is the symptom of managing relatively uniform, that is homogeneous, networks that facilitated a smooth transition across the board for our clients and us?

So far, other than the need to reboot some systems that did not update themselves automatically, the DST shift has been smooth!

All of our Mobile 5 based units were smooth, XP Pro, Office 200x, and client custom applications accepted the change with no issues.

We sent out a final warning letter last week to our clients to let them know that we may have difficulties. Then, on Sunday, after logging to some of the various SBS installations we manage to verify the DST shift went through, we sent out an e-mail to let our clients know to drop us a line if they were having difficulties.

The way I was reading blog posts, newsgroups, and others over the last couple of weeks, I though our phones would be ringing off the hook this morning. We did not receive one DST related call!

I do hope the same for all of you other SBSC and small I.T. Companies!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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