Saturday 10 March 2007

System Builder Tip: Office 2007 OEM Editions Activation Note

Here is a scan of the new OEM licensing agreement for System Builders:

Since we are System Builders, it follows that we will abide by it.

Whenever we receive new software, or encounter new Web services, we always go through the fine print. There are so many times where we have refused to sell or support software due to the "Gotcha" clause found in there somewhere.

In the case of the OEM licensing for Office 2007, it is important to point out clause 11. We as System Builders are bound by this license to make sure we make our clients aware that they must follow through with the legitimate activation of the product they have just purchased.

As I read this clause, we must put a notice on the Microsoft Activation process somewhere in our proposals, quotes, or communication with the client who is purchasing the system from us that the Office 2007 OEM software will be installed on.

With that, we will modify our correspondence templates accordingly.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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