Tuesday 4 November 2008

TechNet Plus Subscription Discount Code

Courtesy of Susan who linked to Kevin Remde and the code.

We are on a TechNet Plus DVD subscription. Why not go to the TechNet Direct and forgo media and shipping costs?

We like to have an archive. With that archive we can gain access to products that may not be available via download anymore.

Why TechNet Plus?
  • Access to the latest and greatest Microsoft products to evaluate with no time bomb. Great for setting up a mirror of our client's networks and testing things and breaking things ... on a nonproduction environment.
  • Install as many copies of Microsoft products into a lab setting as needed. There are no limits.
  • Access to RTM bits way before anyone else ... okay, except maybe MSDN subscribers.
  • Two Support Incidents included!
  • Two Support Incidents included! (This needs to be repeated :) )
  • Beta and CTP product access. Work on those future projects now. Learn new products coming down the pipe.
  • eLearning ... more ways to gain brain knowledge and apply it ... in the lab!
  • Newsgroup support to ask those tough questions that don't seem to have an answer anywhere else.
All of our labs are built on products obtained through our TechNet Plus subscription. The MAPS just does not cut it for building out a proper lab setup.

So, for new subscribers only, you can get a 15% discount if you enter the following promo code until June 2009: TMSAM08 (that is zero-eight).

TechNet Plus is another step for the small I.T. shop to build itself up as a truly professional endeavour.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

*All Mac on SBS posts are posted on our in-house iMac via the Safari Web browser.


Anonymous said...

Cool, "TMSAM08" works !!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a 25% discount on full (with DVD) version if you pick either Canadian or American English, 15% for "International" English. And it looks like it's still good today, 9/18/09. But I didn't actually buy, so can't swear to it going all the way through.