Friday 14 November 2008

The Windows Vista Ball Cap

A pleasant surprise came in the mail the other day:

Windows Vista Baseball Cap

It, among a few other items were a sign of Satish Kanwar and Matthew Wolodarsky's appreciation for helping out with the Windows Vista Webinar a week or two ago. It was unexpected, thus the pleasant surprise.

Since receiving the cap, it has been on my head pretty much the entire time I am out and about on client or other business.

People's reactions to the cap are amazing!

Windows Vista: "You either love it or hate it" seems to be the general theme.

One of the young fellows working at the local Tims I frequent commented on, "cool hat".

Today, after filling up the car and paying for the gas, the fellow who paid for his gas just before I did struck up a conversation on the fact that he just purchased his first Windows Vista computer and was feeling a little overwhelmed. I mentioned Vista Small Business Assurance Program to him to get some free support for his initial questions. He was pretty impressed by that.

For some, it was a double take at the fact that they did indeed see Windows Vista on the cap.

General concensus here: We enjoy Windows Vista. We appreciate the features that allow us to work more efficiently. We appreciate the strengthened security and hope that security is maintained in Windows 7.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

The Vista Small Business Assurance program sounds like a good idea, any idea if it's available in Australia?