Wednesday 26 November 2008

SBS 2008 Software Assurance Media Parts List

A little FYI for you:
  • SBS 2008 Premium DVD T75-02424, X14-81619. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-81550.
  • SBS 2K8 Server Repair DVD T75-02424, X14-81621. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-81551.
  • SBS 2K8 Win2K8 Std x64 DVD T75-02424, X14-81166. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-81165.
  • SBS 2K8 Win2K8 Std x86 DVD T75-02424, X14-81140. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-81139.
  • SBS 2K8 SQL 2K8 Std x86 & x64 DVD T75-02424, X14-81050. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-81049.
  • SBS 2K8 SQL 2K5 Std x86 D1 T75-02424, X14-83227. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-83226.
  • SBS 2K8 SQL 2K5 Std x86 D2 T75-02424, X14-83284. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-83283.
  • SBS 2K8 SQL 2K5 Std x64 D1 T75-02424, X14-82646. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-82632.
  • SBS 2K8 SQL 2K5 Std x64 D2 T75-02424, X14-82679. Sleeve: Media Set: X14-82665.
The above are the specific part numbers to be found on the media itself along with the sleeve that the media came in.

We are still waiting for a clear answer on how we will obtain ISA, Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard, Outlook 2007, and SharePoint Designer 2007 along with their install keys.

Some previous posts on the subject of trying to get our Software Assurance fulfillment:
As soon as we know the answer, we will post it.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Eric said...

I've got all nine CD's you identified, plus a tenth: Part Number X15-21932, Sleeve ID X15-21931. The CD is labeled "Windows Small Business Server 2008 Premium Edition", and "Windows Small Business Server Installation (X64)". It is identical in appearance to Part #X14-81619 except for the part number. Yet NONE of my 10 CD's is labeled "Windows Small Business Server Installation (x86)", the one I think I need. Which one should I install from??

Eric said...

Guess there's a first for everything - I didn't realize that SBS 2008 was 64-bit only! Nevertheless, I still have the mystery of the two seemingly identical SBS x64 installation DVD's as per the previous post.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


From what I understand, the extra disk is just that, an extra one that is identical to the first disk in the series (SBS 2008 DVD 1).

You should be able to use disk 1 with no issues with either the physical or virtual key.

I will see if I can dig up some more information on it.


Anonymous said...

Thread is probably dead, but I have the same thing - an identical disk but different media kit number on the back (same kits numbers that Eric gave) with a different set of product keys. Why would they give two separate (four if you include VM keys) SBS Premium keys? Couldn't the unscrupulous could sell the second disk set as another full copy of SBS?