Friday 28 November 2008

SBS 2008 Open Value 3 Year Spread Payment Part Numbers

Here are some part numbers to help with ordering SBS 2008 under an Open Value License Agreement:
  • T72-00882: SBS 2008 Standard.
    • 6UA-01804: SBS Standard 5 CAL Pack.
    • 6UA-00908: SBS Standard 20 CAL Pack.
  • T75-00927: SBS 2008 Premium.
    • 6VA-01260: SBS 2008 Premium 5 CAL Pack.
    • 6VA-01805: SBS 2008 Premium 20 CAL Pack.

Note that SBS 2008 Standard comes with 5 Standard CALs out of the box. Also note that SBS 2008 Premium comes with 5 Premium CALs out of the box.

No singles were presented to us during our license query. We will need to wait and see for those part numbers.

In the case of SBS 2008 Premium, we can combine Standard and Premium CALs. If on 10 users out of a 30 user office are connected to SQL server, then one need only purchase 5 additional Premium User CALs to be properly licensed (we count the 5 Premium CALs included with SBS 2008 Premium) along with the 20 Standard User CALs.

Software Assurance has that one support incident tied into it. That is one really good reason to have SBS SA at the client site.

Another very convincing argument for Open Value is the ability to have three payments over three years. That helps defer some of the up front costs which may be a factor for clients looking to update their servers but are looking to do so on a budget.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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