Friday 27 February 2009

Should I disable IPv6 on SBS 2008?

The long and short of it: No!

While IPv6 may seem superfluous to us as far as, “SBS can’t possibly be using IPv6 since we don’t have it “enabled” on our network”, it does in fact play an important role on SBS 2008.

If IPv6 does get disabled in the SBS 2008 NIC’s properties, there are a number of problems that may happen: SBS Blog: Issues After Disabling IPv6 on Your NIC on SBS 2008. Most of those problems centre around Exchange 2007 SP1.

Note that the SBS Blog does include a proper methodology for disabling IPv6 if there is an absolute need for it. But, only if there is an absolute need for it!

Please remember to test any changes that are significant in nature on a virtualized lab version of the production SBS box before going about with those changes. Also, make sure the backups are good too!

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mwearl said...

Disabling IPv6 on SBS 2008 is a great way to screw things up if you don't also do the registry hack that is documented.

I found out the hardway by simply unchecking it in the network configuration and it almost rendered it inaccessible from the console until I logged in under safe mode with network support and reenabled it.

Anonymous said...

Yep, your right. I've just done the same. Unticked it, rebooted and it sat there for over 30 mins saying "applying computer settings". I finally bit the bullet powered it off and now booting under safe mode to re-enable it.

FYI: SBS2008 seams to even do it's updates when you boot into safe mode.

Will post again if the re-enable in safe mode fixes it.

mwearl - after you re-enabled it, did you need to re-run the "Fix my network" tool?

Protec IT

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Please redo your comment without the link to your Web site.


Jasonatr0n said...

Indeed disabling IPv6 in SBS 2008 is a bad idea. Best to leave it enabled even if you don't plan on using it. I also found out the hard way - I had a fully updated SBS 2008 server, no other software loaded. Disabled IPv6, restarted, and then it was very unresponsive, couldn't get into the Network and Sharing Center. The only way to fix this is to boot into Safe Mode with Networking, and re-check the IPv6 box in your network adapter settings. Microsoft should really add a prompt/warning when the user attempts to diable IPv6 for this reason specifically.

Unknown said...

Another victim. About to try reboot in safe mode....

Billsy said...

Another one stung here, not happy microsoft.
A warning would definitely be a good idea

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

We believe that the onus is on us to understand beforehand what the consequences are for making a change to a system.

This is the primary reason we lab our client's systems and regression test patches on an ongoing basis so that we will know how those changes will impact the SBS server system(s).

Making a fundamental change to the underlying components of a system, such as diabling a networking component like IPv6, is something we would do extensive testing on within our lab environment.

Our clients rely on us to know what we are doing with their systems as their business is totally reliant on those systems. The responsibility for any change is ultimately ours.