Thursday 19 February 2009

Why do I need Small Business Server 2008 for my business?

Because it is an awesome product!

SBS 2008 takes the great feature set we have in SBS 2003 and augments and improves on them to provide a small business owner a great server solution!

Some small business specific reasons:

  • A single Web site to access my e-mail, my internal Companyweb site, and my office computer with the Remote Web Workplace remote access portal.
  • My Windows Mobile Phone was easy to set up with SBS to synchronize my calendar, contacts, tasks, and e-mail.
  • I can get access to my office e-mail quickly with the Web based Outlook Web Access.
  • Access to my office computer from any place that I can open an Internet Explorer browser.
  • Excellent server spam and virus protection out of the box saves me time and money.
  • Centralized backup and recovery assures me that my data is safe … and the backups are encrypted!
  • We can simply manage who gets access to what data on our office network.

In a previous post that was an addition to some other lists on the topic, we talked about some of the key features in SBS 2008 that we think rock: SBS 2008 - Top 10 Wow and Top 10 Learning.

One of my other passions is cars. I have had oil in the veins since a very young age working on high horsepower Mopar, Chevy, and Ford projects! :)

Specifically, one of the finest North American produced performance sedans is the Ford Taurus SHO (pronounced show). I currently own a 1997 Taurus SHO. It is not because I own one that I say that is one of the best. It is because of what the product is and how that product has performed for me the user that I can say the SHO is one of the best with confidence.

Recently, Ford unveiled the new 2010 Taurus SHO boasting a 360bhp twin turbo charged V6 and significant performance and handling enhancements at the Chicago Auto SHO.

A video of the unveiling is on You Tube: 2010 Taurus SHO introduction.

Two very important elements are in that video:

  1. Mr. Jim Farley gave full recognition to the source of the drive behind releasing the new SHO: The SHO Enthusiast Community (1:38 minutes into the video).
  2. Various enthusiasts were interviewed as part of the introduction! (5:32+ minutes)

Ford has made a point of letting the enthusiast community know that they were significant in the new SHO’s creation. In fact, they were invited to be a part of focus groups as well as have front row seats for the unveiling.

Now, let’s have a look at Microsoft and the new Small Business Server 2008:


Add a “Do” in front of the “I” for the searches and Microsoft’s Australian SBS page is about 15 links down on Live. The Australian link is number 2 on Note that is the Locale specific engine for our searches.

Kudos to Microsoft Australia for being up there in the results! :) Australia also has one of the best high performance automobile markets in the world too!

So, okay … there is virtually nothing in the above searches on the why Small Business Server 2008 is good for a small business owner.

Top that off with hardly any marketing of SBS 2008 in the traditional media forms that we have seen here.

The SBS question has been asked before: Where is our oomph?

Augment that by asking, “Where is the drive to make SBS 2008 the most popular and talked about small business server product ever?”

Marketing a product can be a difficult thing. Ford, IMNSHO, is getting it right with the new SHO and GM was definitely getting it right with the new high performance Cadillac models as well as others ... at least they were until they cancelled the high performance program (Google News Search) until further notice.

The missed opportunity here, when it comes to marketing Small Business Server 2008, is the ability to tap into the SBS Enthusiast community. That community includes I.T. folks like us and small business owners who use the product and know how it can improve small business operations significantly.

Small business owners need to see and hear other small business owners express their views passionately on how SBS 2008 has made a truly remarkable difference in their business operations. They need to see the features in action to get the creative “what if” business juices flowing in their brains.

Tie that passion into the SBS brand and we will have a real winner here … just like the SHO!

Further reading:

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

*All Mac on SBS posts will not be written on a Mac until we replace our now missing iMac!

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Unknown said...

Where I need help from Microsoft is convincing my customers not that SBS2008 is good for them, but that it is worth the cost!

I'm still having a hard time convincing those with SBS2003 that it is worth an upgrade to 2008.

I've also lost two sales to competition that is still selling SBS2003 as they offer a lot of the same features and a fraction of the cost hardware and software wise.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Part of the struggle is going to be against what is already there.

What I have found is that when I take the time to demonstrate the new features of SBS 2008 to our prospective clients, it does not take much for them to catch onto how SBS 2008 can be a benefit to their business.

After demonstrating the features, and how they can streamline their business, I use an arbitrary $100/hour cost for each employee. So, if we can save that employee 5 minutes per day using the Vista search capabilities tied into Office 2007 it makes the cost/benefit ratio a lot clearer.

The RDP icon on the desktop at home to open a direct session to their office desktop is a good example of time savings that helps to sell the new SBS 2008 features.

The new Companyweb SharePoint v3 recycle bin structure is an excellent feature for the collaboration environments that we can create. Or, the new Wiki, in all of its simplicity, can be used to replace a stack of procedural binders, and more ...

There is a lot there to look into. It is important to be as familiar as possible with SBS 2008 and its features and how they integrate with Vista and/or XP clients too.

Thanks for the comment,