Tuesday 10 February 2009

SBS 2008 - Remote Web Workplace Connect button is missing?!?

The first time one of our clients mentioned that they could not connect to their computer in the office via the Remote Web Workplace, we ran through some of the typical questions we would ask:

But, when our client indicated that the button in their RWW for connecting to their workstation was outright missing, it took a few minutes to clue into what may have been going on.

This is what they were seeing:

09-02-10 SBS 2008 FF RWW ErrorRWW Button Missing

This is what the RWW should look like:

09-02-10 SBS 2008 RWW Proper with IE

SBS 2008 RWW

The question that needed to be asked as we were initiating our troubleshooting was, “What Internet browser are you currently using to access the Remote Web Workplace?”

As soon as they answered, “Firefox.”

We had our answer … or so we thought. We ended up needing to troubleshoot things further as the system was seemingly up to date, but not.

More on that later.

Once things were fixed though, we had a fully functioning Internet Explorer browser RWW based connection to our client’s desktop.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

It would be nice if you posted the solution as to why the button was missing and how to fix it.

Anonymous said...

What was the fix???

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

Click on the RWW category link and check out the other posts just after this one.

IIRC, the fix had to do with the change in the TS Client on the client tied into security settings in IE7/8.


Unknown said...

The Remote Desktop Connection button is missing because the browser being used to connect to Remote Work PLace is Firefox.

If you use Firefox you cannot use this feature. This is by Microsoft's design.

In order to use the Remote Workplace "Connect to a Computer" feature (and for it to apear) you must be using Internet Explorer.

Jon Caum said...

Thank you!

As an update for Internet Explorer 11 users, you need to click the "gear" icon at the top right, click "Compatibility View Settings", and then click "Add".

I thought I had addons disabled, but sure enough, that was the issue.

Thanks again!

JuanRNYC213 said...

FYI, This also occurs with the new Internet Explorer 11 update!!

Anonymous said...

1. Turn on the Menu Bar in IE 11 (the one that has File - Edit - View....) by right-click somewhere at or around the top of the IE window.
2. From the Tools Menu choose Compatability View Settings.
3. The remote.(yourdomain).com domain name should be ready to add to the list of sites that need to be run in compatibility mode . Click add or enter just your domain name excluding the Remote. prefix (like yourwebsite.com).
4. Click close and refresh your Remote Web Workplace page, your connect to computers applet should appear, if the issue is just this.

Anonymous said...

The Above fix for IE 11 was the solution for me thanks!