Wednesday 2 September 2009

SBS 2008 Disk 2 – WSS Repair No Go

Okay, so we are not getting anywhere with repairing our Companyweb site that was toasted by the SharePoint Service Pack 2 (previous blog post) update.

We ran the gamut, including the SBS Blog’s SharePoint SP2 Failed Install post and even trying out David Moisan’s PowerShell steps:

So far, nothing has worked.

So, in goes SBS 2008 Disk 2 with the component repair routines:


We start up the SharePoint setup:



The verdict?


Okay, so the install routine says it worked. But, what about the Companyweb site?

We need to reboot first! :|


No joy:


Susan Bradley has pointed us into the direction we are going to head into next:

We need to backup the Windows Internal databases, rip it out, uninstall WSS, reinstall WSS in stand-alone mode, restore the databases, and finally reattach them.

We are two for two WSS SP2 install failures now.

More to come … ;)

Philip Elder
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