Saturday 1 January 2011

Logitech diNovo Mini Keyboard Is A Great Compliment To The Tegav2

We have not had a lot of time to work with the Tegav2 due to a number of factors.

Now that we are relatively caught up we had the time to get a few different Bluetooth keyboards hooked up to the Tegav2 tablet to see which one came out on top for ease of use, quality, and portability.

The diNovo Mini Keyboard has taken us by surprise as being quite the versatile little keyboard and mouse (via touch disk) combination.



The above shots are from Logitech’s product site for the diNovo Mini.

In the top shot the disk is in arrow mode meaning that the disk behaves the same way as the arrow keys on the keyboard.

The bottom shot shows the disk in mouse mode. The disk is touch sensitive in the same way as a touchpad so it is actually quite easy to mouse about the Tegav2’s screen. The disk can also be pressed to Left Click or the button at the top left of the diNovo Mini acts as both a left click (press) or right click (Fn + press) mouse button.

Note that the colour of the background lighting is different between the two modes along with the changes made in the in-disk lighting.

In the end, this little keyboard is an excellent addition to the Tegav2. Spot usage of the touch screen based keyboard is okay but having the diNovo along will make extended usage of the tablet a lot more palatable.

Philip Elder
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