Tuesday 19 June 2007

Just a quick post... That Phone Company, Acer Laptops, and more

Things are absolutely nuts around here right now...

The Phone Company finally got their poop together, as did the ISP riding on top of their equipment so we finally got our clients back up and running in the city burrow taken down by the Phone Company. They came back on a totally different segment, so DNS records and more needed to be updated accordingly.

We had another funky issue with the four Acer laptops we merged the two FAT32 partitions and converted to NTFS. That will be blogged about hopefully tomorrow morning. Basically, they were refusing to accept GP security setting updates. Took a while to figure out where the problem was and the fix.

We are doing a Tech Assessment for a client that is pretty much 100% Mac. It is providing a challenge, as we have only sporadically worked with Macs. So, we need to burn some serious midnight oil figuring out how we are going to integrate them into an SBS environment. To complicate things, they have 5 locations.

Anyone have Mac on SBS experience? Let me know, because we could use some help in that area!

Off to the races! ;)

UPDATE 2007-06-20: Macs and SBS: After some searching the following resources have come up for adding the Mac, or at least gaining access, to the SBS domain.

A blog post on the Windows Small Business Server Documentation Blog with a link to a draft document on adding OS X 10.3+ Macs to an SBS domain.

Document link: Connecting Mac OS X 10.3 and Higher Clients to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Network (Word document).

Check the comments on the above blog post for errata. There are some things to note there.

Links came via Susan Bradley: Connecting a Macintosh to SBS 2003 Server via SMB.

Eriq Neal: Connecting a Macintosh to SBS 2003 Server via SMB has what looks like the original list of steps for connecting the Mac to SBS shared resources (via Susan's post).

Eriq's Mac related posts on his blog: Lessons Learned - Things I wish I had known...(Mac tagged)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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