Thursday 2 August 2007

Outlook 2007 - RSS Broken Feed Frustration

There have been some posts on this subject somewhere.

It is getting really frustrating trying to keep the RSS feeds in Outlook 2007 synchronized. They just do not seem to keep up.

This is what a manual send/receive looks like when things are broken:

Sometimes, we don't notice that the feeds are gone when we are quite busy. This can be frustrating, since there are a number of important news items or information items that we miss in the mean time.

I do hope that it will be fixed in a patch update as opposed to a service pack for Office 2007!

It is getting to the point where even a reboot of the system doesn't always get things reconnected.

Upon exporting the feeds, then deleting them in Outlook, then reimporting them again with a subsequent reboot ... they seem to be working again. We will see.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

I've had the same issue and similar frustrations with Outlook RSS

I've blogged about it here:

and here:

as i'm currently making the move to Google Reader. Currently i'm impressed and google reader for the pda/mobile is amazing!