Monday 24 October 2011

Quick Link: HP Universal Print Drivers for Windows

We are in the process of troubleshooting why the HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn once worked through Remote Desktop Services connections for remote connections to a Windows 7 machine but now does not. It works for remote to RDS sessions, but not for desktop RDP connections to this one machine.

The above link is good as of this writing. It has links to all versions that we may need to work with:


We already ran through the process of disabling the setting in Group Policy for the Remote Desktop Easy Print driver to be chosen first. Doing this has not changed anything so far. :(

From what we can tell, the print driver fails to install on this particular machine where on machines the driver seems to work as expected. So, we now know that the situation is isolated to this one machine.

Hopefully after we ground zero (wipe) the spool service setup including all drivers that we can get things to work as expected.

Philip Elder
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Anonymous said...

I've had issues with lower-end HP laserjets and drivers in Windows 2008. A lot of the lower end HPs weren't actually officially supported for use in a terminal services environment, as many of them use host-based printing. I've been able to use generic PCL drivers (oddly enough, I've had the best luck using generic Samsung PCL 5 drivers) to get these printers working in terminal services.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Starting with the P1505 series, and now the P1606 series the printers have a built-in PCL engine.

We dropped the 10xx series because they were host-based only.

The P1505 and P1606 work fine when connecting to an RDS/TS server, it is when connecting to a desktop machine that we have seen some issues.

More troubleshooting is in order, but the suspicion is that it has to do with driver isolation settings in Print Management.

Thanks for the comment,


Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be many 2008R2 64 Bit drivers for HP machines.

Anonymous said...

Hey Philip, any chance that you would be interested in posting your suggested setup/troubleshooting steps for using easy print in a SBS 2008/2011 environment. RD TS Gateway print redirect with SBS is hands down the largest thorn in our clients networks. Thanks in advance!