Thursday 10 January 2013

How to turn OFF Ring Backs on Rogers “Please enjoy this ring back while we connect this call”

Meh, pretty much every client has asked what’s up with the “Please enjoy this ring back while we connect this call from Rogers” and then a tune plays while the cell phone starts to ring.

And, pretty much all of them have signed off on it being outright annoying.

Trying to find the “how” to turning it off proved to be challenging. A call to 611 brought about the solution:

  1. Text OFF to 555
  2. Text message will be received with an URL.
  3. Tap the URL:
  4. Tap OFF for Ringbacks
  5. Tap OFF for Voice Greeting

Now, I had tried to turn these settings off via the My Account feature on the handset. It took me to the Web site linked above but the changes did not take for some reason.

Using the above method we have finally ditched the message and music.

People like to hear those rings. :)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
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