Tuesday 17 October 2017

Microsoft Groove to Spotify Move

When Microsoft announced the discontinuation of the Groove Music Pass there was a lot of dissappointment around here.

Groove offered the ability to check out all sorts of music over the years without having to fork out a buck or two on a song that ended up not being listened to.

With the ability to download music to four different devices for offline listening it was a really good value for the money.

So, off we go into the migration from Groove to Spotify.

First off, this was one of the smoothest transitions ever experienced. Everything moved over without a hitch. It took a bit but nothing was lost in the process!

Score one for Microsoft and Spotify!

Score two for Spotify: The $15/Month Premium Family Plan for up to five folks under one roof was the clincher.

We were looking to obtain two more Groove Music Pass accounts. One for my wife and the other for our daughter. That would have been expensive!

A couple of settings in the Spotify app to take note of after upgrading to Premium:

  • Settings - Music Quality: Enable High quality streaming (Premium only)
  • Settings - Social: Disable Automatically make new playlists public
  • Settings - Social: Enable Private session

The last two are personal preference but as a rule we will make sure our kid's apps are set up this way.

Philip Elder
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