Tuesday 30 October 2007

System Builder Tip: DQ35JOE BIOS Update and 4GB+ of RAM

It has been consistent now, with each build that we have done for our classroom systems: DQ35JOE will not accept more than 4GB out of the box.

Our board revision levels that we are working with:
  • D8XXXX-800
  • D8XXXX-702 (Sent direct from Intel for a TST special)
One should install 2GB of RAM first and then flash the BIOS.

Once the BIOS has been flashed:
  1. Change BIOS settings as needed.
  2. Turn on the RAID controller if needed.
  3. Setup AMT.
  4. Save & Reboot.
  5. CTRL+I to setup the RAID array - start the key strokes just before the RAID configuration page as it goes by quick!
Intel's DQ35JOE BIOS download page: Please note that the BIOS file was just updated on October 24, 2007. So, it is relatively new. Update your bootable Flash Drive as appropriate.

UPDATE: Please be patient with this BIOS update. It seems to take a long time!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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