Wednesday 29 September 2010

Tech Days 2010 Edmonton Presentation On Clustering

I will be doing a Tuesday October 5th presentation at the Edmonton Tech Days 2010 event at 15:40Hrs (3:40PM) on Hyper-V Clustering!


The slide deck will be minimal with most of the presentation focused on a live Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 cluster running on an Intel Modular Server setup.

Looking for a Tech Days discount code?

  • MVPInvite

The above will discount the entrance cost to $349. Not a bad deal for two days of technical content with no marketing fluff!

Every Tech Days that I have attended have always had bits and bytes to take away. There are lots of ways to get the creative brain juices flowing, this is definitely one of them.

One such bit was fellow MVP Dana Epp’s (his company site) security presentation a few years ago that included a good discussion on using AZMan (John Howard’s explanation) to manage access permissions on a Hyper-V setup.

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