Friday 25 June 2010

Practice CS 2010.1.3 Update Released

Thomson Reuters has released an update to their Practice CS product to 2010.1.3.


A login to gain access to the download on Thomson Reuter’s Web site is required.

In this particular client’s case we are upgrading from 2009.4.3.

Since we are dealing with a major version change, the upgrade needs to be done on the server to make the necessary database changes prior to updating the clients. During the update process we are asked if we want to install the Practice CS client software to which we answer No.

As always, make sure to back up the server prior to running the Setup.exe!

Once the Practice CS software and database structures are updated on the server, run the Practice CS client on one of the workstations.

A warning will come up saying that the firm’s database will need to be updated and an integrity check run:


Please note that this process will require a Practice CS account that has write permissions to the database.

Once the update process is complete, Practice CS and the database will be up to date.

All other clients can then initiate the client software update by double clicking on their Practice CS icon. Once complete, the desktop icon will look like:


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