Friday 30 March 2012

In-Win BP655 System Integration Tips

We happen to have an In-Win BP655 series Mini-ITX case here in the shop to see if it would work with some of our system designs. The main benefit of this particular case is the 200 Watt power supply that would give us a little more juice for higher end setups.


It is important to note that the hard drive needs to be mounted in the cage shown above. This is done with the cage out of the case.

The cage then needs to be mounted back in the case _without_ the optical drive installed.

The desktop board is then mounted in the case and cabled up.

The final step is to slide the optical drive into its resting place from the front of the case.

Change the order of any of the above steps and things just don’t work!


Once the system is complete it is actually a good looking little case with the built-in fan along with the CPU fan being relatively muffled.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

*Our original iMac was stolen (previous blog post). We now have a new MacBook Pro courtesy of Vlad Mazek, owner of OWN.

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