Friday 28 December 2012

Samsung ATIV S Camera Shots and Thoughts

The Samsung ATIV S is a great Windows Phone 8 device.

The voice command capability and voice recognition via Bluetooth is the best we have seen so far.

The camera also takes some pretty decent shots. Here are some shots taken while on the road this morning.


Edmonton City Skyline:


The city’s buildings are in the right side of the sunrise glow. Obviously with a sensor as small as the one is in the camera we are not able to get too detailed on those distance type shots.

Another of the skyline:


And yes, we have had around 24” of snow fall in the last few months:


One storm in around 14” (35cm-40cm) and another in at around 6” (15cm to 18cm). Then a whole smattering of smaller snowfalls.

Our really big beef with the ATIV S camera: The first shot takes EONS to focus and shoot. We have missed plenty a shot as a result of that. :(

Philip Elder
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