Monday 27 January 2014

From the Desk of Philip - Happy Monday

We are running at 115% right now. Things are crazy.

This can be good, but it can also get quite stressful.

So, taking a few moments to drop off and dream ...


I've had that book since I was a young teen. Small Block Marine was probably some of the better builds I've been a part of in the past (easily 1hp/CID).

Today's wistful thinking is along the lines of LS6 at 6.2L, cold-air intake, 8-10lbs of Magnuson Roots based boost, headers, high flow cats and Y pipe with a 4" straight pipe, and then a pair of high flow mufflers on a banana. The final bit would be in the tune (Side-Note: Gotta get rid of the nanny pause whenever I hit that accelerator! What were manufacturers thinking?).

The Dyno slips I saw for this setup showed 490bhp/ at the wheels (the one that really counts). Torque was relatively flat from about 2,800RPM to a little over 5K.

As a car guy it brings a bit of pain to say this but this would be the setup for a Sierra 1500 series pick-up.

We all know that one needs to be practical when it comes to life in the country!

We hope your Monday is going as good as ours is!

Keep dreaming the dream. :)

EDIT: Point of order: I was stuck on the Z06 LS6 crate motor ... Engine code for the 6.2L is L9H in the Sierra Pick-ups. My apologies for the misleading bits. :)

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David Moisan said...

Good for you! I'm a ham radio guy rather than a gearhead, but I can relate!