Friday 31 January 2014

Protecting Your Yahoo Account

So, apparently Yahoo has suffered yet another breach. A quick search of the news sites (Bing Search) would bring up more info.

Sign in to Yahoo and change the account password as soon as possible.

Then, enable Second Sign-In Verification:


We suggest using SMS as the primary method for protecting the account as opposed to the security questions.

Under Account Info:


Once the mobile is confirmed make the following setting:


This at least will provide a layer of protection unless the verification system itself also gets compromised. But, if that's the case Yahoo would probably have bigger problems on their hands! :S

While you're at it please enable 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) on all Microsoft IDs and download the Authentication App to your mobile device and _use_ it!

Now that online service providers are starting to allow us to protect ourselves with additional security steps the onus is on us to use those features!

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Anonymous said...

Why would anyone be using a Yahoo email account these days? They have a shocking record with regards security and it seems 75% of our captured spam purports to be from a Yahoo account.