Thursday 26 July 2018

Hypervisor, Cluster, and Server Hardware Nomenclature (A quick what's what)

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When helping folks out there seems to be a bit of confusion on what means what when it comes to discussing the software or hardware.

So, here are some definitions to help clear the air.

  • NIC
    • Network Interface Card
    • The card can have one, two, four, or more ports
    • Get-NetAdapter
    • Get-NetLbfoTeam
  • Port
    • The ports on the NIC
  • pNIC
    • pNIC = NIC
    • A physical NIC in a hypervisor host or cluster node
  • vNIC
    • The virtual NIC in a Virtual Machine (VM)
    • In-Guest: Get-NetAdapter
    • In-Guest: Get-NetIPAddress
  • vSwitch
    • The Virtual Switch attached to a vNIC
    • Get-VMSwitch
  • Gb
    • Gigabit =/= Gigabyte (GB)
    • 1 billion bits
  • GB
    • Gigabyte =/= Gigabit (Gb)
    • 1 billion bytes
  • 10GbE
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • Throughput @ line speed ~ 1GB/Second (1 Gigabyte per Second)
  • 100GbE
    • 100 Gigabit Ethernet
    • Throughput @ line speed ~ 10GB/Second (10 Gigabytes per Second)
  • pCore
    • A physical Core on a CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • vCPU
    • A virtual CPU assigned to a VM
    • Is _not_ a pCore or assigned to a specific pCore by the hypervisor!
    • Please read my Experts-Exchange article on Hyper-V especially the Virtual CPUs and CPU Cores section mid-way down it's free to access
    • Set-VMProcessor VMNAME -Count 2
  • NUMA
    • Non-Uniform Memory Access
    • A Memory Controller and the physical RAM (pRAM) attached to it is a NUMA node

A simple New-VM PowerShell script is here. This is our PowerShell Guide Series that has a number of PowerShell and CMD related scripts . Please check them out and back every once in a while as more scripts are on the works.

Think something should be in the above list? Please comment or feel free to ping us via email.

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