Friday 25 May 2007

Microsoft File Transfer Manager - Puzzle

We are TechNet Plus subscribers.

Anything we download via TechNet uses the Microsoft File Transfer Manager.

We had started a download for "Longhorn" server and had to suspend it until after a reboot of the system.

When we came back, there was no way to start up the transfer manager.

A quick search of the Internet that brought us to the Microsoft File Transfer Manager page, pointed to the following folder:

%SystemRoot%\Downloaded Program Files\
But, it isn't there? Or is it?

We don't have a shortcut for it on the desktop, so we went back to the TechNet site and started the download over again.

We were greeted with the MS File Transfer Manager:

There it is, the first download suspended, and the new download. So, cancelled the new download to allow the first one to finish and then followed through on Microsoft's instructions to put a shortcut on the desktop.

Click on the options button and you get:

Click on the, "Place application shortcut on the desktop", Apply and OK.

After the desktop shortcut appears, right click on it and left click on properties.

You will be greeted with:

Okay, click on the Find Target button and low and behold there it is:

What the chicken?!?

Here is a side by side shot of the two "folders" showing the same path:

There is a little puzzle for a Friday afternoon! ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

1 comment:

Unknown said...

the answer lies in the desktop.ini file this file tells explorer how to display certain items in xp depening on from were they are being access

these files i call super hidden
you should play a little with desktop.ini and the different "CLSID" U WILL SEE SOME COOL THING S happen. look in registry u will many CLSID YOU can use

have fun