Tuesday 29 May 2007

System Builder Tip: Boot from USB drive on Toshiba Satellite P100

It seems that the Toshiba Satellite P100 requires a bit of work to boot from a USB flash drive.

Essentially, you do not see a USB option after hitting F12 on the laptop to get the boot options screen.

From Toshiba:

Attach the Bootable USB Memory Stick and Enter the BIOS Menu (2 ways to enter the BIOS Menu)

1. Press and hold F2 immediately after powering on the unit
2. From the Boot Menu highlight "" and press Enter.

- Use the side arrows to select the "Boot" section.
- Expand the HDD title
- Select the "USB Drive" (name may vary) and move it to the top (F5 and F6 Key)
- Exit Saving Changes
From Toshiba's site: How to boot from a bootable USB memory stick on a Satellite P100.

Keep in mind that other models may also require this methodology.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Great pice of advise. Many thanks. I have had the P100-208 for nearly 8 years and hadnt found that one. CD drive died recently so I can upgrade from XP media centre that it came with to win7 now after all via bootable USB!