Saturday 12 May 2007

Windows Vista - HP Driver not available?

I am just a little more than baffled as to how hardware manufacturers do not have drivers for at least the 32 bit version of Vista available.

This is what HP's site says for the very common LaserJet 1022 printer:

Currently, there is no Windows Vista driver available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista at this time.
Hmmmm ... What does that mean for people who have no idea as to how to get their product working in other ways? :(

I like the note below that indicating that HP wants us to have the latest information on drivers and software for our HP products.

Heh ... right. How about the latest drivers for our HP products instead?

Windows Vista in some form or other has been available to product manufacturers for how many months or years now? Especially to a valued Microsoft partner like HP.

Needless to say, we forced the XP driver in for the time being. But, that can turn around and bite us as we have had some issues with some HP products when installing HP's XP driver on Vista.

I am willing to bet that people's "Vista Experience" could be rather jaded due to the above experience which we are finding quite common at this time.

It's actually quite sad, because Vista as an operating system rocks!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists


PP said...

Grrr, I'm having the same problem. Just upgraded to Vista, and I can't print with my Laserjet 1022n.
How did you 'force' the XP driver? Did it work?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Yes, the XP driver is working so far.

I don't have any screen shots, so pulling from memory.

Have the driver CD in the drive, and point the driver install to the WinXP folder. Make sure Vista accepts it, and it should recognize the printer. Sorry I can't be more clear.

I will make a point of taking some shots and updating the post as soon as I run into this again!

Philip E.