Friday 25 May 2007

SBS 2K3 Premium - Get SP1 Now ... Last Chance...

Between now and December 31, 2007 you have the ability to order your SBS SP1 CD 3 (ISA 2004) to update SBS RTM to SP1.

Those CDs are not available anywhere else. They were not available via Microsoft's site for the last while either.

Perhaps this was a wake-up call?

With SBS Cougar around the corner, SP1 should be the minimum install on our SBS boxes.

ISA 2004 is a lot easier to manage and work with than ISA 2000. The network perspective that ISA 2004 uses is different than ISA 2000 but the live logging feature is worth it alone. We can see in real time what is passing through our SBS box NICs. Rule creation and management are relatively easy too.

SBS SP 1 Web Page.

SBS 2K3 Standard SP1 component downloads. There is no longer a CD 1 or CD 2, so we need to download the components via the site.

SBS 2K3 Premium RTM must order the SP1 CD:
North America SBS SP1 CD 3.
Europe, Middle East, Africa SBS SP1 CD 3 (Both link to the same page?!?).

Courtesy of the Official SBS Blog and Susan Bradley.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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