Monday 22 September 2008

Insane Storage Volume - 1.5TB Drives hitting the stream now!

Seagate has released a new 7200.11 series Barracuda with an astounding 1.5TB (Terabytes) of storage capacity in a half-height 3.5" drive!

Can you say, "Holy Sugar Smacks!" :*O

While consumer level storage is getting this capacity, no announcement has been made for the Enterprise SATA Storage product series yet.

Our suppliers do have the Barracudas SKUd up with product on order and due at the beginning of next month.

We won't even tell you the cost ... they are amazingly inexpensive for a newly minted super large storage drive. As far as we can tell, their price is coming in around 27-35% less than the debut price of their 1TB siblings.

Wow ... just wow.

Okay, so maybe Solid-State Drives (previous blog post) have just a little hurtle to get over to get into the main stream ... just a tiny one. ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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