Monday 15 September 2008

Java Internal Error 2755. 1624, ...jre1.6.0_07-iftw.msi?!?

Ack. :-P

It is getting very late, and I am setting up a client's data restructure for tomorrow morning ... part of the catch-up from missing a full day on Friday.

Here is the lovely message I received from the Java Runtime install:

Java Setup

Internal Error 2755. 1624,

Okay ... so where the chicken is the file?

Everything grinds to a halt because of what? A file not in the proper place?

By now, it is getting really late, and fortunately something in that grey matter provided a glimmer ...

We blogged about it before: Java install errors.

Sometimes the blog really works out for us too! ;)

Though I really wish the Live Search Team would get things tuned better ... even searching " java setup 2755" did not turn up the proper link! That other search engine got it first try. :(

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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