Monday 2 March 2009

Needed Books in the SBSer’s Repertoire

One of the neat things about the niche we find ourselves working in is the awesome pool of knowledge we can tap into in the SBS MVP community as well as beyond.

I personally love to read. The library at home reflects the books gathered during Monique and my various University and College attendance over the years.

The office here holds all of the technical volumes that have been read and reread many times over. The Windows 3.x Resource Kit is about where things start.

Of course, our SBS 2008 Blueprint (SMB Nation link) book is definitely a part of our library! ;)

The library here just grew a little bigger as a very important package arrived with some key books we SBSers need to look into to augment our knowledge on SBS 2008.

The new additions are:

A number of chapters in the SBS 2008 Unleashed book have been authored by a variety of SBS MVPs so it is very much a knowledgeable effort by some great SBSers! At first glance, the book will be an awesome resource for picking up on SBS 2008’s underlying technologies.

The SharePoint Designer 2007 Bible is a part of this grouping so that we can get a handle on the fundamentals of the Companyweb SharePoint site. We need to understand a little more about how to manipulate the Companyweb site and its underlying templates without breaking things!

We all need the Windows Server 2008 Resource Kit. There is no question that the knowledge contained in the kit’s volumes are key for us getting a handle on the Windows Server 2008 OS that is SBS 2008’s foundation.

The kit contains (links to MS Press site):

One of the key new features in SBS 2008 is the ability to publish a Terminal Services RemoteApps (Ask the Performance Team Blog) via the Remote Web Workplace. The Terminal Services Resource Kit will be very helpful both in this task as well as how to properly configure the new Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services setup.

Harlan’s book on Windows Forensic Analysis came to us via a mention in his blog. Harlan’s blog came via Susan Bradley. His blog, and now the book, are a real eye opener when it comes to Windows Security. Both are well worth the time.

There will be more volumes forthcoming. There are a number of new SBS, Windows Server 2008, and more books that are coming up in the next six months or so that we are greatly anticipating!

Please support the authors by clicking on the book link that contains their Amazon ID. Every little bit helps! ;)

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

*All Mac on SBS posts will not be written on a Mac until we replace our now missing iMac!

Windows Live Writer

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Anonymous said...

Great list; I'll be ordering most, if not all of them. I'm a 1-man IT shop for a non-profit, but I feel the need to constantly stay on top of things - IT-wise - in order to squeeze the maximum value from our IT side to support the mission. It really helps to have guidance like this.