Tuesday 31 March 2009

Intel® Server Board S5520UR Tested memory list

As mentioned by us already today, Intel is releasing a new 5500 series Xeon line along with the accompanying server building blocks.

One of the important things to do when it comes to researching new system builds at the beginning of a product life cycle like we are in now, is verify what components will work with what.

We used to need to search in the support pages for the various product components to find their respective compatibility lists.

Now, that no longer is the case. Intel has embedded all of the products that have passed compatibility tests in their Server Configurator tool.

Note that when it comes to populating the memory channels on the new 5500 series boards, there are some caveats:

09-03-31 Intel S5520UR Tested Memory List

DIMM Channel Population Rules

It seems that memory speed is a critical factor when it comes to the number of DIMMs one can install in each channel.

This caveat, and the others that we will discover once we start building the server systems, are the reason we need to spend the time doing the research. After the first build is under our belts, we can reference back to the various compatibility lists, or now the Server Configurator, to verify any product changes or updates required.

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