Monday 28 April 2008

Hyper-V - Access to network shares for ISOs

When it came to setting up Virtual Server 2005 to allow VMs to access ISOs across the network, one needed to go through and setup constrained delegation on all of the systems running Virtual Server and the server hosting the ISO's shared folders.

Unfortunately, the error in Hyper-V when trying to mount the network located XP Service Pack 3 erred out with a "General Access Denied" message.

We tried the constrained delegation setup with the new Server Core system and that did not work.

This InfoWorld article provided a clue to how we needed to give our VMs on Server Core ISO access on our network: Next-gen virtualization from Microsoft.

For Hyper-V, network access for things like ISOs are simplified somewhat as one need only add the computer Hyper-V is installed on to the shared folder's permissions with read/write access.

Once this is done, we were able to mount the service pack ISO with no difficulties.

This eliminated the need to copy the ISO over to the host machine.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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