Friday 25 April 2008

Intel SRCSASRB on Intel SR1560SF/S5400SF Series requires PS/2 Keyboard

During the first phase of the SBS setup, there is a point right around 34 minutes where the USB ports are knocked out.

That is also right around the time that the Intel SRCSASRB RAID card drivers will have a WHQL warning pop-up message that one will need to acknowledge.

If there is only a USB keyboard and mouse installed on the server, one will not be able to click on the Continue button. One will need to reset the server and plug in a PS/2 keyboard or mouse to get to the pop-up window.

Once the pop-up driver windows have been acknowledged, the setup can proceed without the need for any further input via a PS/2 keyboard.

This situation is one reason to keep a PS/2 keyboard around besides the need for one on KVMs.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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