Monday 13 December 2010

eFileCabinet Error – The physical directory for this drawer is missing . . .

We are working with one of our American accounting firms on upgrading a product called eFileCabinet.

It is a document management system that offers content encryption, search, open, and modify from within the client.

We set up the product on their SBS 2008 server about 20 months ago. Upgrading the product was quite cumbersome so we left things alone until now. The product was starting to mess up on keeping track of the various folders it was supposed to be managing.


Server Error

The physical directory for this drawer is missing or is no longer accessible from the server. Please contact support.

Now, we ended up running through a number of steps to update the existing version with the above error message being the end result when a user would try and open something within the eFileCabinet client.

When we contacted support, which has been excellent BTW, we figured out that the v4 install/upgrade had switched the service’s log on credentials from the restricted AD user we created to NETWORK SERVICE. Once we switched the eFileCabinet service back to the AD user, restarted the eFC service we had a functioning eFC client.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
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