Friday 3 December 2010

US QuickBooks 2011 R1 – Third Party Components Install Error Plus Error on MSVCR90.DLL And More - Unresolved

We have a client that we set QuickBooks 2011 R1 (Accountant’s Edition) up for a while back. Then, the user went to use the software and it kept crashing.

The QB 2011 software was installed via RDP session by us.

The strange thing was that when we connected to the user’s desktop via Remote Assistance (SBS 2008 backend) QB 2011 would open with no issues. If the user connected to their desktop via RDP QB 2011 would open without a problem. Note that this user is operating as a Standard User.

We elevated the user to Local Admin status with no change. QB 2011 would not run unless a Remote Assistance session was active or they were connected via RDP.

We left the user at Local Admin status and had them uninstall QB 2011. Once they did so we had them attempt to reinstall only to get hit by:


Intuit QuickBooks Installer

Third party components could not be located.
The installation cannot proceed and will now exit.

Okay, so what does this mean?

We need to go get the R2 version of the product as the error is being generated by the RTM or R1 product which was delivered via DVD.

Once we downloaded the R2 product via the above support page the user was able to install, but it still kept crashing outside of an RDP or Remote Assistance session:


Event 1000, Application Error

Faulting application QBW32.exe, . . . faulting module MSVCR90.dll.

So, while connected we had the user run the internal update feature and voila, we have updates:


Sure enough, after downloading and re-opening QB the R2 was now R3P:


After all of this we disconnected our Remote Assistance session and had the user log off and log back on again to see if they could start QB on their own. QuickBooks crashed again.

We then tried the Reboot.Bat script to register QuickBooks components as per:


The script did not solve our problem. We still had the same application crash on the same DLL.

A search on the DLL brought up the following KB:

This is the version set of the DLL on the problematic workstation:


MSVCR90.DLL Properties

Product version: 9.00.21022.8
Product version: 9.0.30729.1

Note that in the end the above hotfix was specific to Visual Studio 2008 so we were essentially barking up the wrong tree. This KB confirms it too:

With a further amount of searching we found this Intuit Support article:


Note the specific reference to the MSVCR80.DLL. While not the same one as the DLL we are dealing with, it is close enough. We are at step 6 where we need to perform a clean uninstall of QuickBooks 2011.

If that works, we will update this post as well as publish a new post with a pointer back to this one. If it does not, then we are against the wall as Intuit has not given us any indication that they know what is going on either.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists
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