Monday 4 April 2011

Windows Phone 7 March Update Available on Bell

The HTC HD7 just made us aware that there is an update available for the Windows Phone 7 OS:


It is refreshing to see that the Windows Mobile experience where carriers would essentially release a phone and then avoid any updates for the WM OS to “encourage” us to move to a new phone has essentially ceased.

Copy and Paste eh? Hmmmm … a Windows feature that is a part of an update. :| Ooops.

So far, the phone has more than met our expectations though there are a few little things that may or may not be OS related that can be annoying.

  • The camera button on the HD7 is really tough to work. It sometimes responds while at other times it seems to be a bit of a fight to depress it.
  • The Marketplace choked on more than one occasion (looks to be addressed with this update).
  • Occasionally the Enter button on the touch pad while horizontal will stop responding. Instead another key above or beside the Enter key seemingly gets depressed. This happens in the phone dialler too. The 7 key gets pressed no matter where on the screen the finger is.
    • There is a third party screen protector on the phone so these issues may be related to that.
  • The arrow, Windows, and Find touch sensitive buttons are easy to hit with my chubby hands and fingers while working in something else.
  • I really need to learn to stretch that finger to the “i” on the keyboard while horizontal. I keep hitting the “o” which can be quite awkward when the word is supposed to be something like “things”! ;)
  • Where is the HotSpot capability that other phone OSs are capable of?!?

Still, the SharePoint integration is totally kewl, e-mail management is really smooth, and I like the ability to link people’s various accounts under one contact.

Philip Elder
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