Monday 20 June 2011

SBS 2003 to SBS 2011 Migration Prep Tool Error – Managed Recipient Policies Mailbox Manager Enabled

While running the Migration Prep Tool on the source SBS 2003 we hit the following error:


Scan the source server for problems

Managed Recipient policies

The Mailbox Manager setting is enabled for one or more recipient policies. As a result, the recipient policies will not be upgraded if you migrated to Windows SBS 2011 Standard and Exchange Server 2010.

So, we open up the Exchange System Manager under the Advanced node of the SBS 2003 Console and we see:


We have two policies created to handle the ISP’s e-mail domains for the users.

Both policies have the Mailbox Manager Settings tab:


Now, in this case neither ISP domains are being used anymore so we can safely delete both.


However, if the recipient policies were indeed in use then we would copy out the filter settings for applying each policy along with its place in the policy order before deleting and recreating them without the Mailbox Manager setting.

Once the offending recipient policies were taken care of:


Note: A System State and full ShadowProtect backup were run prior to running the source Migration Prep Tool.

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Unknown said...

I found the easiest method to address this was to modify the recipient policy that also has mailbox management. There is a dialog box (right-click, properties?) that allowed me to deselect mailbox management and I was able to proceed with the migration wizard.