Thursday 4 August 2011

Intel RMM3: Error Opening Video Socket Fix

Intel has released an update for the RMM3 module that is supposed to fix the error when trying to establish a remote KVM session.

The downloads for the Intel Server Board S3420GP series can be found here:

Note that the Intel Server Board S3420GPRX has a different firmware set than the Intel Server Board S3420GPLX.

There is also a catch in the BMC installation procedure that should be noted at step 3 of the BMC firmware Release Notes.TXT file:


  1. Copy the BMC_0124.ima, fwpiaupd.efi, ipmi.efi, upd_BMC.nsh files
     to a USB key, hard disk drive or floppy drive.
     All of these files must reside in the same directory.

  2. Boot to EFI and then run the upd_BMC.nsh script file to update the BMC FW.

     Using fwpiaupd.efi with your own command line parameters is not supported
     and doing so is at your own risk!

     *** If you have an Intel Remote Management Module 3 plugged into the baseboard ***
     *** then proceed to the next step otherwise go to step #4 and proceed ***

  3. Power off the system and cycle AC power

  4. Install latest available FRU/SDR package.
                           KNOWN ISSUES/WORKAROUNDS
  - Users of the KVM feature will need to update their client Java JRE to version
    1.6 (JRE 6) or later otherwise the KVM redirection application will not launch.
    The latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) update can be downloaded from here:

  - The following features are not supported in BMC FW :
    ∙ IPMI serial channel, COM port MUX switching and the terminal mode feature.
                           ISSUES FIXED

  -  Issue with Win7/IE8/Java 6 Update 22 through RMM3 connection/remote access.

Essentially it looks as though we are visiting most of our clients with RMM3 and RMM3LITE modules installed to run these updates to power cycle those boxes. Fortunately some have their servers hooked into a UPS or PDU that allows us to power cycle the A/C remotely!

Philip Elder
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*Our original iMac was stolen (previous blog post). We now have a new MacBook Pro courtesy of Vlad Mazek, owner of OWN.

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Kevin Morse said...


Have you noticed this problem still occurring even with BMC 01.24?

I had the Error Opening Video Socket on a client's server found your post and did the update and everything was good for about a month.

Unfortunately, now its come back...

The RMM3 page shows the following

Host Power Status : Host is currently ON
RMM3 Status : Intel(R) RMM3 installed
Device (BMC) Available : Yes
BMC FW Build Time : Jun 1 2011 10:00:37
BMC FW Rev : 01.24
Boot FW Rev : 00.22
SDR Package Version : SDR Package 0.20
Primary HSC FW Rev : (not present)
Secondary HSC FW Rev : (not present)
Local Control Panel (LCP) FW Rev : (not present)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

Remove _all_ x86 and x64 Java versions from the machine.

Then install the newest standalone downloaded versions for x86 and x64.

There were a couple of versions of Java that contributed to the problem too.