Friday 3 October 2014

HP Colour LaserJet M476dw Firmware Bug – DHCP Assigns Self IP for Gateway

After beating our collective heads against the wall wondering why our newly deployed HP Colour LaserJet M476dw refused to make SMTP connections for Scan to E-mail we found our source in the _very_ last place we expected.


IP Address Configured by: DHCP
IP Address:
SubNet Mask:

Note that the gateway address currently points to _itself_ instead of the router that is assigning the IPs.

This is the IPConfig /ALL output for one of the systems on the network:


Note the Gateway address is correctly pointing to the router.

What this means is that for now we are setting the IPv4 configuration to Manual and putting in the correct IP address for the Gateway:image

What a pain that has been.

Sure enough:image

The above status came out really quick and so did the test e-mail:


So, after all of the time we spent getting frustrated with the ISP, thinking they had blocked SMTP outbound, and everything else in between the least expected source for the problem has turned out to be the one.

NOTE: Printer firmware was updated to the most current version as of this writing.

NOTE TO SELF: Check the hanger bearing before replacing that rear-end! ;)

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