Thursday 11 February 2016

Philip’s Ultra-Healthy and Quick Technician’s Breakfast!

We’re all super busy. Eating breakfast is an important part of it with a home grown meal being way better than most anything a fast food place can serve. It’s a lot less expensive in the long run plus the time savings is huge!

This breakfast meal assumes the person is in some sort of regular excercise routine which is also an important part of keeping ourselves healthy. Right? ;)

  • Breakfast Sloppy Toast
    • (3) Large Eggs
    • ~125ml to ~200ml of Half & Half Cream
    • (2) Whole Grain, 12 Grain, or other such solid bread
    • 1/8” slices of Cheddar, Marble, Havarti, Mozza, or other favourite cheese
    • A good chunk of baby spinach
    • A proper Pyrex microwave dish and cover
      • Plastic containers melt into the food :P
      • Ours is just larger WxL wise than the bread slizes and tall enough to host the lot

With the above:

  1. Break the 3 eggs into the Pyrex dish
  2. Start whisking
  3. Add cream until well frothed
  4. Place first slize of bread in the mix
  5. Cover the bread with the cheese slices
  6. Drop spinach in and evenly distribute
  7. Place second slice of bread in
  8. Use a spat to flip the stack over
  9. Press in to allow mix to soak into the new slice
  10. Cover and microwave for 5:15 at 60%
    1. Let sit for about a minute after the cycle completes
  11. Microwave for about 1:45 to 2:45 at 60% depending on microwave power

Once it’s done let it cool off for a good five minutes.

Total time put in to the above: Less than 4 minutes.

Time savings over the week?

Assuming a minimum 15-20 minute wait at Timmys (Tim Hortons) that’s easily 15 minutes per day or more.

Cost savings?

Two breakfast egg sandwiches with cheese and bacon on an English muffin is $6.20. The savings can be quite substantial.

I usually have a couple of Vietnamese bird peppers to chow on while eating the above to accentuate the flavour. ;)

While this breakfast is not for everyone, it follows a 50/25/25 rule for protien/fat/carbs. Tie that in to a good regular cardio workout we’re good to go!

Thanks for reading. :)

Philip Elder
Microsoft High Availability MVP
Co-Author: SBS 2008 Blueprint Book

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