Thursday 31 May 2018

OS Guide: Slipstream Updates and Drivers Using DISM and OSCDImg

We've posted another guide to our Web site.

Using the script on this page in an elevated CMD allows us to take the base Install.WIM for Windows Server 2016 and slipstream the latest Cumulative Update into it.

Then, the script copies the updated Install.WIM into two separate folders where we keep two sets of installer files/folders. One is a Bare version that has only the Windows installer files. The other contains a whole host of drivers, BIOS and firmware updates, and a copy of the newly minted .ISO file. We use the FULL version for our USB flash drives (blog post) that get permanently plugged into all server systems we deploy.

This script is constantly updated.

Another will be posted at a later date that also includes the ability to update the Install.WIM file with drivers.

UPDATE 2018-06-04: Fixed the link!

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Unknown said...

Why not just apply the patch after OS install? Are gains realized other than the system being up to date almost immediately?

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...

We spend time waiting for the OS to lay down.

With up to date drivers, cumulative update, and servicing stack update we're ready to deploy our server Roles and go into production.

Reason 1: We avoid the extra time to wait for any updates.
Reason 2: We avoid the risk of losing the newly set up server/VM to a botched patch.