Saturday 15 March 2008

Intel SR1530SH versus SR1530HSH Clarification

If one goes to use Intel's Server Configurator to configure a Xeon 3000 series 1U based on the new S3200 series server boards, there can be a bit of confusion over the difference between the SR1530SH series which uses two fixed hard drives and the SR1530HSH which is supposed to have three (3) hot swap bays.

The confusion comes from the fact that the image for both units is the same:

Intel SR1530HSH and SR1530SH - Server Configurator

Looking to the right of the SH series 1U servers, we see the SR1530HAHLX 1U server system that indicates the hot swap bays.

We need to go to the SR1530SH/HSH product guide (PDF document) to confirm what the correct images should look like.

On page 21 we find the following:

Intel Server System SR1530SH

And then:

Intel Server System SR1530HSH

Since the SR1530SH series server systems are new, it is understandable that Intel's site may not correctly show an image of the product.

As always, research into a product beforehand will save one from any possible surprises after the fact. Committing to implement a product and/or service on how we think a product and its features should perform versus how it actually performs can sometimes be two drastically different things.

In the end, it is our responsibility to know the difference.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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