Wednesday 27 August 2008

Further to NAP - Win2K8 Server Security Guide Available

Further to this morning's post on NAP is in SBS, Rodney of the CanITPro blog posted a comment about some videos:
He points to this PDF document: Heroes Happen {Here} Lab Guide (PDF Document)

The links to the needed VHDs and the like are active in the PDF. Check it out, because there is a huge amount of reading condensed and organized according to the proper flow of things.

Also, just in time for the long weekend too, some reading on Windows Server 2008 Security:
There are three download links on the Microsoft Download Site.

Since we are focused on SMB, there is a real need for us to keep abreast on the hows and whys of proper security configuration for the network infrastructure as well as the hardening of our servers to reduce the attack surface.

Security is one of the principle reasons why Server Core is such an awesome option for specific network infrastructure needs.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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