Monday 18 August 2008

An invoice from my accountant?!?

My best friend was telling me over the weekend that his business received an invoice from his accountant ... but his bookkeeper was telling him that it was paid a long time ago.

A phone call was placed to the accountant to find out what was up.

It turned out that they had an unrecoverable disaster. And no good backups.

Would you want them to be your accountant?!?

They were essentially fishing to figure out the who/what/where/when for their clients to call back wondering what was up.

Our accounting clients know exactly what that means (among other things): How do we role forward?!?

As business owners, we have the right to ask anyone who handles our business data, or even our personal data, what type of backup setup they have and whether it is tested.

This bears repeating: We should always know how our data is backed up and whether it is recoverable or not at any service provider's location ... including within our own business.

So ... are your backups tested?

And for those supporting client I.T. infrastructure: Are your client's backups tested?!?

And one more: Have you recovered an SBS box yet ... via the built-in or third party backup? The worst place to find out how difficult and precarious the whole recovery scene is right in the middle of one. There are a lot of stresses then ... who needs another one?

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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