Tuesday 26 August 2008

SBS 2008 - We have NAP!

One of the killer new security structures in Windows Server 2008 is Network Access Protection (NAP).

Essentially, NAP gives us the ability to delimit who can or cannot access a given network in any way by the status of the updates, antivirus, and other software components of the system the user is trying to connect with.

It was a question that up till now, was not clear as far as SBS 2008: Will we, or won't we have NAP on SBS?

This aught to clear that question up:

Network Access Protection

Now, who was paying attention when the many different Microsofties over many different "Longhorn" presentations over many different conferences over many different years, prior to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 was released, demoed NAP?!?

In our case, while the ears were definitely perked during the product explanations, demos, and some configuration demos, there is definitely lots room to learn the ins and outs of configuring NAP.

Microsoft Press has a book on the topic too: Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection (NAP).

NAP will be very high on the To Do list for configuring and figuring out on both of our SBS 2008 test beds RPQ (Right Properly Quick).

We have a number of clients who are anticipating SBS 2008 for this fall ... so we need to be prepared as some of them are particularly conscious of any foreign system plugging into their networks.

And, we are really gearing up ourselves with internal changes in anticipation of SBS 2008 deployment in the next month or so.

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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Anonymous said...

Hey Philip,

For those who missed the NAP demos we did at the Heroes Happen {Here} launch I do have a lab guide that includes links to demo videos on setting up and testing DHCP Based NAP. You can grad the document on my blog.


Hope this helps!

Rodney Buike
IT Pro Advisor
Microsoft Canada

Philip Elder Cluster MVP said...


Followup post to be delivered in the AM tomorrow.

Thanks for that.