Saturday 9 January 2010

Intel Modular Server – CMM Firmware Update To v5.5 Just Released

It seems that v5.0, which was released in mid October, is being updated as of yesterday January 8, 2010.

Version 5.5 of the Intel Modular Server firmware has been released.

Now, if the above link does not work as it does of this writing, then go to the Intel Download Finder site and punch in MFSYS25 to gain access to the latest updates for the IMS.

One of the changes contained within v5.5 is MFS5520VI compute module compatibility for the Intel Westmere 32nm CPU (PDF link).

From the PDF:


The CMM version must be v5.5 before inserting an MFS5520VI compute module into the chassis.

Since we already have two Storage Control Modules (SCM) installed, we need not be concerned with the caveats to installing this update.

We will run this update after everything has been flattened in anticipation of our second test run.

For those running, or planning to run, RedHat Enterprise Linux, note the following from the Release Notes (TXT file link):

RedHat* Enterprise Linux 5 Update 4 Dual SCM Support – This release provides support for dual SCM configurations running the RedHat* Enterprise Linux 5 Update 4 operating system. A clean installation of the RedHat* Enterprise Linux 5 Update 4 operating system is required to support dual SCM configurations.

Note the need for an OS reinstall in order to pick up the ability to utilize both Storage Control Modules in RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Intel Download site Tip:

When the search results come up, change the sorting order from Relevance to Date:


Sorting everything via date makes it easy to see what has changed since the last time we visited the site.

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Josh Gay said...

Reasons that along with your blog, I'm subscribed to updates for various server platforms via RSS, easier to find the links that way in a hurry most of the time.