Friday, 30 November 2007

System Builder Tip: Intel DQ965GF Series BIOS update 2007-11-27

A new set of updates for the DQ965GF: We always download the BIOS file to a bootable Technician's Thumb Drive and run it from a DOS prompt. The other update methods include a Windows Executable that one runs after downloading. Note that it will automatically reboot the system into a BIOS update session.

While Intel provides a recovery BIOS setup if the system is downed during the flash, always have the system plugged into a UPS that will allow for at least 5 minutes of on-battery time while flashing the BIOS. This will save a lot of time and heartache if the power ever fluctuates or goes out on a client's system during the update.

Our workbench has two separate 20A circuits, each protected by an APC 1500VA RS series UPS. We have two more 20A circuits and additional APC 1500VA RS UPSs available if we have the need for more.

Once the update has completed, before booting the OS on the new BIOS version, always enter the BIOS after the update to verify that all of the settings are the same as they were before the update. A switched off RAID controller can cause havoc with the OS!

Philip Elder
Microsoft Small Business Specialists

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